Wireless Networks: Active and Passive Attack Vulnerabilities and Privacy Challenges


In recent years, wireless networks have undoubtedly become a convenient way to connect to the Internet and provide connection to everyone in any corner of the world. In fact, in this era, people are connected to the internet almost everyday and wireless networks give us this privilege in a seamless manner. A wireless network normally consists of access points and nodes where the access points are responsible to amplify the wireless signals, while the nodes are the gadgets that are receiving these signals. However, with such great convenience provided, many challenges are also faced by the users and stakeholders. With no physical connection to devices, wireless networks are evidently more vulnerable to invisible cyber attacks. In this research paper, it the security issues that cause issues in the wireless networks are discussed. Furthermore, an analytical review of privacy challenges found in these networks is performed; these challenges are segregated into security issues and privacy issues. The paper will then present the methods used in conducting a survey and gathering the research results along with further discussion on the results obtained through this study. Finally, a suitable solution is proposed to prevent and overcome the intrusions faced in terms of security and privacy in wireless network scenarios through detection and response mechanism for mitigation of the problems.

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