5G and IoT Based Reporting and Accident Detection (RAD) System to Deliver First Aid Box Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle


Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G are enabling intelligent transportation systems (ITSs). ITSs promise to improve road safety in smart cities. Therefore, ITSs are gaining earnest devotion in the industry as well as in academics. Due to the rapid increase in population, vehicle numbers are increasing, resulting in a large number of road accidents. The majority of the time, casualties are not appropriately discovered and reported to hospitals and relatives. This lack of rapid care and first aid might result in life loss in a matter of minutes. To address all of these challenges, an intelligent system is necessary. Although several information communication technologies (ICT)-based solutions for accident detection and rescue operations have been proposed, these solutions are not compatible with all vehicles and are also costly. Therefore, we proposed a reporting and accident detection system (RAD) for a smart city that is compatible with any vehicle and less expensive. Our strategy aims to improve the transportation system at a low cost. In this context, we developed an android application that collects data related to sound, gravitational force, pressure, speed, and location of the accident from the smartphone. The value of speed helps to improve the accident detection accuracy. The collected information is further proces

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